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Blackmagic Design ATEM mini Pro ISO
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Blackmagic Design ATEM mini Pro ISO
For affordable multicam live productions with advanced broadcast features
ATEM Mini Mixers make it easy to create professional multi-camera productions for live streaming on YouTube, or innovative business presentations for Skype or zoom. Simply connect an ATEM Mini and you can switch live between four high-quality video camera sources for significantly better image quality. Or connect game consoles or a computer for PowerPoint presentations. The mixer's internal DVE processor lets you create exciting picture-in-picture effects. Just the right thing for live commentary! There are also plenty of video effects available. All ATEM Mini models have a USB port that works like a webcam and allows the use of any streaming software. The ATEM Mini Pro model can also be streamed live and recorded to USB storage media. ATEM Minis also score points with hidden broadcast functions for high-end productions.

Quicker video production plus live streaming
A live production is the fastest way to a finished show. On top of that, you can stream everything live to a worldwide audience via YouTube at the same time. ATEM Minis' USB webcam output, which is compatible with any computer, is like a built-in webcam. It works with all streaming software for social media platforms. The four available HDMI inputs allow connectivity with multiple cameras to capture different perspectives and separate close-ups of all the participants. Alternatively, connect computers for PowerPoint presentations, video clip playback and access to websites or game consoles. Since all editing is done in real time, you can also stream in real time to all social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TwitchTV and many more.

Autonomous picture mixers in broadcast quality
The all-in-one design of the ATEM Minis includes a control panel and various connectivity options. The mixer's console-style control panel provides clear buttons for source selection, audio input adjustment, and selection of video effects and transitions. The presenter can touch the large source buttons without looking, and can do the mixing himself. There are even buttons for sound mixing. You can switch the video output between cameras, program and multiview using the selection keys for the output signals. On the back of the ATEM Minis are HDMI ports for cameras or computers and extra microphone jacks. There is also an output for USB or webcam output and an HDMI aux output for program video.

This model can additionally record up to five separate H.264 video streams in real-time! Namely a clean feed from all inputs plus live program. Because a DaVinci Resolve project file is also saved, you can open your live production right away and refine cuts, swap shots, remix the sound and do colorgrading.

Easy to learn and simple to operate
When it comes to user-friendliness, these mixers are unmatched. For cuts between video sources, simply press one of the input keys 1-4 on the control panel. Choose between hard cuts and effect transitions by pressing either the "Cut" or "Auto" button. Unlike the Cut button, the Auto button tells the ATEM Mini to apply a special video effect when switching between inputs. You can choose from great transitions like fades or even more exciting effects like Dip-to-Color, DVE-Squeeze and DVE-Push. The DVE processor is ideal for picture-in-picture effects. Use it to instantly set up different image positions using the panel buttons. There's even a Still Store for still images, titles and graphics that can be accessed from a computer using external control software.

Stream live interviews
ATEM Minis are made for interviews. For long shots and close-ups of guests or interview partners, ports for multiple cameras are available. And the super-compact ATEM Minis allow presenters to edit by themselves in a small studio. Content can be recorded via the HDMI output or streamed live using software such as Open Broadcaster.

Business presentations via Skype
Bring your business presentations to a much higher level! Since ATEM Minis are recognized by Skype as webcams, you can choose your mixer in the Skype settings. This allows you to use multiple sources for a more professional look. For example, use one camera for close-ups, one for long shots and a computer for PowerPoint presentations. On top of that, presenters can use picture-in-picture displays.

Kickstarter and feeder updates
Reach an even more professional level with your crowdfunding or investor presentations for financing your new product idea. Connect a camera for the speaker, a camera for close-up product shots and a computer to the slides of your business plan. Then present the whole thing live via Skype or Zoom. You can even put recordings online for later viewing by feeders.

Education and training
ATEM Minis are ideal for educational videos. The mixers are so quick and easy to set up that you can take them anywhere and record on-site multicam videos on a variety of educational topics. Connect computers and cameras and use ATEM Software Control to load titles and run video effects on your computer.


Connectivity: 4 x HDMI input type A, 1 x HDMI output, 2 x 3.5 mm stereo jack, 1 x USB-C 3.1, 1 x Ethernet connector
Compatible with the following operating systems:
Windows 10 (64 Bit)
Mac Mojave 10.14
Mac Catalina 10.15 or higher
Power supply: power supply unit (12 V)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 23.75 x 3.5 x 10.35 cm
Weight: 550 g
Colour: black

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