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Walimex pro LED Video Light with 192 LED
Pris: 1 890 SEK (inkl. moms)

Lagerstatus: 2-5 dagar

walimex pro LED Video Light with 192 LED

Videos with your DSLR are a great option for recording special events and creating memories for life. Regardless whether in private situations, e.g., on vacation, during the Sunday walk with the kids or in the realm of professional photo and video, there are plenty of opportunities. Unfortunately, lacking lighting often results in poor quality shots, which can tarnish the joy a little. Avoid that by using the LED Video Light by walimex pro!

The light is accommodated in a top-quality and extremely sturdy aluminum body, which guarantees a long life and saves money in the long run. The light, which is equipped with 192 little LEDs, does not flicker and thus ideal for recording video. Due to its dimmability the output can be adjusted steplessly, and thus the lighting adjusted to every recording situation. With the diffuser sheet, you receive soft, diffuse lighting at a light output of 220 Lux, which is ideal for portrait pictures. With the orange color filter sheet you change the color temperature from 5000K to 3100K and receive a warmer lighting mood at a light output of 130 Lux.


Professional luminance for video DSLRs and camcorders
Diffuser and orange color filter sheets for convenient sliding in and out
Light intensity can be dimmed steplessly
Handy mini ball head for flexible movements, with cold shoe
1/4 inch thread on the device
Top-quality aluminum body
Light output: 270 Lux
Incl. charger, 12V car cable, power supply unit, and NP-F970/960 battery

Special purpose lamp (photo / video light) - not suitable for household room illumination

Power Supply

Operating Mode:
Rechargeable Battery / Mains

Type of Battery / Rechargeable Battery:
Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery


Type of Lamp:


Video Light

Max. Colour Temperature (Kelvin/K):

Max. Luminous Power (Lux):


Dimensions (mm):
175 x 45 x 70

Weight (g):

1/4 inch

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