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Lilliput 668GL-70NP/H/Y
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Lilliput 668GL-70NP/H/Y 7" TFT Monitor for Video DSLRs etc.

External TFT monitor with inbuilt battery pack
This TFT monitor fits for almost any DSLR and EVIL camera that has a HDMI or AV output. Since the monitor is definitely bigger and more detailed than the camera display, it eases e.g. follow focus and manual focussing when making videos with your camera.

The monitor has a 1/4" connecting thread and therefore it can be attached to the camera's hot shoe via a flash shoe adapter. Due to the inbuilt battery pack you are independent from power cords so that you are free to move with your camera.

Technical Details:
Type: TFT 7" (approx. 17,8cm, 16:9)
Resolution: max. 1920x1080 pixels (native resolution 800x480 pixels)
Brightness: 450cd/m2
Contrast: 500:1
Angle of view: 120º/140º (H/V)
Input voltage: 12V
Sockets: HDMI, YPbPr, AV (V1,V2,V.IN)
Battery pack: 2200mAh/7,4V (inbuilt)
Battery running time: approx. 2-3h
Current: 650mA (1,2A when charging), <50mA in standby
Consumption: <8W
Speaker: 1
Size (HxWxD): 12,5 x 18,8 x 3,3cm
Weight: 542g / 582g (with attached sun shade)

Scope of Delivery:
Monitor, Li-Ion battery pack (2200mAh/7,4V), remote control, stand, power unit, sun shade, kulled och Hdmi kabel

Some photo cameras like e.g. Ricoh GXR can be connected to the monitor via HDMI cord. But for most cameras you will need an AV cord. Connect the AV cord to the right set of sockets (V1,V2,V.IN). The correct order of plugs from top to bottom is yellow, white, red.

For video cameras with component video output you have to use the left set of sockets. The correct order of plugs from top to bottom is green, blue, red.

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